Private Craft Brewery

The imaginative idea of these specialty brewers has driven this market.Each brewer in the market appears as though they're fermenting something new that you've never known about.

Traditions of Brewing

Traditions of Brewing is the creation of lager by soaking a starch source normally oat grains, the most well known of which is grain in water.

Beer Culture Leader

Macjhon's has riched fermenting background, the Macjhon'sBrew Tech laboratary is for the most part meant to contemplate lager plans, develope brew and blending society.

Handcrafted with Soul

We belive that the things are hand crafted it's really amazing so We are making the things with our soul and we also try to make customer happy.

Why our beer is so good

  • Selected Malts
  • Quality Hops
  • Special Water
  • Unique Yeast
  • Perennial Recipes
  • Modern Equipment

«Our brewery uses classical individual beer technology , taking into account the desires of our consumers. We practice innovation and experimentation.»

  • Malt mashing
    Malt mashing
  • Filtration and boiling
    Filtration and boiling
  • Fermentation and cooling
    Fermentation and cooling
  • Filtration and bottling
    Filtration and bottling


«We are always ready & Excited to work on our beer with inovative ideas and different tast.»

Discover our beer

We have a different Flavour of beer Cranberry Flavour, Ginger Flavour, Malt Flavour, Peach Flavour, Strawberry Flavour.

  • Cranberry Flavour

  • Ginger Flavour

  • Malt Flavour

  • Peach Flavour

  • Strawberry Flavour


There are numerous societies in the preparing, as the fermenting society has been a long history. At the point when brewers blend another lager, there is a crash in better places.